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Intern Fights

summer projects – Google Search
Google Summer of Code SummerOfCode2008
Are you a student, interested in spending a summer hacking on Zope and getting paid for it? ===========================================================================================
Jobs |
FreeBSD Summer Projects
The FreeBSD list of projects and ideas for volunteers
Paid Internship | Deproduction & Civic Pixel |
Web Developer | XIKAR, Inc. |
Environmental activist community website | |
leisure industry: Information and Much More from
leisure industry The leisure industry are segment of the economy covering entertainment , recreation , and tourism related products and services
developers:gsoc2008_ideas · Translate Toolkit & Pootle
Internship Program | Denver OpenMedia
Internship Program Job Descriptions | Denver OpenMedia
PHP Scripts – Auction Systems
SiteScripts is the web developers script portal, containing PHP scripts, ASP scripts, Javascripts and resources for web masters, web developers and programmers. SiteScripts contains a huge selection of free and commercial resources, for anyone looking to enhance their websites with powerful tools.
CivicActions |

Google Summer of Code

Google Code – Summer of Code – Google Summer of Code
GSoC2008 « WordPress Codex
winlibre_soc_2008:proposals_for_the_google_summer_of_code_program_2008 [WinLibre Wiki]
SummerOfCode – The Official Wine Wiki
SoC 2008 – VideoLAN Wiki
Google Code – Summer of Code – Google Summer of Code
The FreeBSD list of projects and ideas for volunteers
FreenetWiki: The Free Network Project Summer Projects 2008
Freenet project official wiki server
SummerOfCode – GCC Wiki
SummerOfCode2008Ideas – MySQL Forge Wiki
Community:SummerOfCode08 – MozillaWiki
Student projects – MoodleDocs
technical symposium 2008 nit – Google Search
[soc] Index of /libavfilter

FFMPEG and libavfilter

[ffmpeg] Index of /trunk
Libavfilter – MultimediaWiki
The ffmpeg-devel April 2008 Archive by thread

SMS related API and Lib

Receive SMS on a Website (PHP) – The SMS Gateway Guide
This guide gives you step by step instructions on how you can setup a PHP SMS website for receiving SMS messages. To receive SMS in your PHP script you should follow the instructions bellow and use the PHP SMS API shown.
BULK SMS – The Power to SMS Text message
SMS text messaging web site. We cover Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and 500 networks globally
SMSLib API – Java library for sending/receiving SMS
ActiveXperts Software – Download 30-day trial versions
Download an ActiveXperts Software product. Full functioning, 30-days
ActiveX SMS Component, Library, DLL, API for sending and receiving SMS and WAP Push using GSM Modem or Mobile Phone
Open Source @ | Delivering innovative open source solutions

Interesting Internships

Application Process_heritage foundation
Application Process
Bernstein-Rein Advertising
Bernstein-Rein is an full service advertising agency. Our specialty is building relationships. Client to agency. Business to customer. Brands to people. We do it by talking to their hearts and their heads. We call this brand humanity.
Altran Engineering Academy
A unique opportunity for students and graduates in sciences and technology worldwide to experience the adrenaline rush that is Formula 1
Java Student Projects
SRI International – Careers

Kernel System Calls
Programming in C


Security for J2EE Applications @ JAVA DEVELOPER’S JOURNAL
Single sign-on is becoming an important issue for corporations and Java developers. Corporations require applications to be secure. Users demand applications to be easy to use. Usually, the more secure an application is, the more difficult it is to use. For example, users are inundated with remembering multiple logins to different systems.

Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP
Hacking – Beginning txt
Free eBooksource :: Home
Data Structures and Algorithms_university of florida
Windows XP Tips and Tricks
Estimate of the Situation 2000: The Black Triangles – UFO Evidence
Mysterious aerial craft commonly called
UFO Folklore Center
Welcome – Ubuntu: Linux for human beings
Ip Tools, DNS tools, internet tools, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, domain name tools
Free DNS tools
Ip Tools, DNS tools, internet tools, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, domain name tools
Free DNS tools
Modern Life Is Rubbish – News & Views of the Modern Internet
Modern Life Is Rubbish – News & views of the modern internet. Editorial and articles on web design, search engine optimisation and internet security.
Project Ideas – 50 Great Project Ideas – Source Codes World Project Bank
Program for Priority Queue – Data Structures Source Code in C++
Program for Priority Queue. Program for Priority Queue is a Data Structures source code in C++ programming language. Visit us @ Source Codes for Data Structures projects, final year projects and source codes.
Data Structures – Data Structures in C++ Source Codes & Projects
Data Structures source codes in C++ programming language. Visit us @ Source Codes for Data Structures projects, Data Structures final year projects and Data Structures source codes.
Official Seal Generator
The page where Ozer Senturk distributes his programming projects Learning the shell.
Learn the Linux command line
Open Source Windows – Free, Open-Source software for Windows
ThinkFree Online beta, ThinkFree Office is a Web-based, server hosted office suite that allows users to create, edit and share word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files anytime, anywhere.
Computer Science Projects
visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++, c__ , vbscript,active server pages, ASP, vbscript,SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL Server,Perl, CGI,Delphi, PHP,Free source code for the taking. Over five million lines of programs.
visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++, c__ , vbscript,active server pages, ASP, vbscript,SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL Server,Perl, CGI,Delphi, PHP,source code, programs, tutorials and help.
Download album The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift – MP3 Music Free Download –
RIN.RU – MP3 – Download album The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift – Here you’ll find all the world music in the mp3 format and videos of your favourite singers. The greatest collection of all time! Also: programs for listening, skins, covers, music news, karaoke and what else!
MailBigFile – Send large files quickly & easily without clogging up your email.
MailBigFile – A secure web based method of sending large files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email. Features anti-virus scanner and progress meter.

Another Alternative :
A free, fast file transfer service that is perfect for sending large files such as, videos, audio tracks, drawings, images, and pdf’s. It’s a completely secure service and will be faster then you’d ever anticipate.

The Web Developer’s List of Resources
The Web Developer’s List is a big list of resources for web developers with info on Ajax, Web 2.0, Design, PHP, Ruby, ASP.Net, Images, CSS, SEO and more. It’s a big improvement on the ‘standard’ listings in that you can highlight your personal favorites and that users can add sites on which everybody can vote meaning good sites are always on top.
Wireless Technology and Standards | Technical Papers and Presentations
Wirless Technology and Standards. Technical Papers and Presentations GPRS and GSM technology. WAN, UMTS, data communications and telecommunications


Open Drivers – Free Download HP notebook Driver Downloads
Open Drivers – Free Download HP notebook Driver Downloads
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Definitions of algorithms, data structures, and CS problems.__Some have links to further information and implementations.
Resources : Reports umts
UMTS Forum description
Wireless Networking – Outsourced C/C++ projects. Freelance Programmers and Web Designers.
Freelance programmers and web designers bid on C/C++ projects. Outsourced C/C++ projects
Ekiga ~ Free your speech.
Ekiga’s home.
PHP: Downloads
Tachi Lab.
Tachi Lab. is a leading laboratory in Virtual Reality and Telexistence. Welcome to our website.
Electronic Kits, Electronic Hobby Kits, Electronic Kit
The latest in electronic hobby kits, including everthing from amplifiers to motor controllers to remote controls.
POSIX Threads Programming
Livermore Computing Training
High Performance Computing: High Performance Computing
Livermore Computing Center is home to a first class computational infrastructure that supports the computing requirements of the Laboratory’s research scientists. A particular focus of the Center is to develop solutions (in collaboration with tri-lab partners at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories) that will create a functional problem-solving environment for high-performance computers under the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program. Another goal is to provide leveraged, cost-effective high-performance computing to multiple programs and independent researchers under the Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing (M&IC) program.
Index of
Goldman Sachs Application Form
Goldman Sachs Application Form
Campus Connect :: Corporate

Flex Related Bookmarks

Flex Video Player « FX Components
Flex 3 – Adobe Flex 3 Help | – interesting jobs for interesting people is a site dedicated to provide jobs to students and graduates of IITs and other premiere schools of India. Each job is carefully screened and only the best jobs make it to the site.
Creating full-screen Flex applications at Flex Examples
Flex 3 – Adobe Flex 3 Help



editing xml with php script form – Google Search
Editing XML using PHP –
read and edit xml with PHP – bytes
XSLT – Editing XML
Add and edit XML with PHP – kirupaForum
PHP – XML and PHP (1/20) – Free Source Code and Scripts Downloads PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/XML_and_PHP
PHP: SimpleXML – Manual
PHP: Include file example.php with XML string – Manual
xml php mysql – Google Search
Instant XML with PHP and PEAR::XML_Serializer [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]


obfuscate scopbin php – Google Search
Facebook | Home
» Encryption vs Obsfucation
911006.php – Google Search
Tgp – Scopbin / 911006.php – Free PHP Scripts
Help for a decrypt!! – ProgrammingTalk
How to decode 911006.php ? – Webmaster ,Template, Nulled, Scripts, Null Script, Free Stuff, Script, SEO
Download Free SourceCop Decoder – FriendFeed
sourcecop decoder rar – Rapidshare files
SourceCop Decoder
Encrypt PHP: Encrypt and Obfuscate Your PHP Code



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