SEMESTER I @ MIB, Delhi School of Economics

Statistics and Finance: Living on the Hedge

This presentation is based on a paper by Ricardo Gimeno, Universidad San Pablo –CEU, Spain. It explores different areas where statistics influences Finance. It talks about different models that have been developed using Statistics and in put forward a simplistic approach to have a look at these models. You can download the full presentation here: Statistics and Finance

You can also view the main base reading for this presentation here:Ricardo, Gimeno

Arch and Garch Model

This particular ppt explores ARCH and GARCH Models in yet another simplistic way, to get a brief understanding of what these models are.  Download the full presentation here:ARCH and GARCH_12-11-11

The motivation behind this presentation was the Nobel Lecture by Robert F. Engle III. You can download the lecture here:engle-lecture_ARCH_GARCH_Model

Mobile Market in India

This particular project report covers the emergence of mobile phone in India, its emergence, economic factors related to it like FDI, Exports etc. It also talks about special case studies where mobile have affected economic well being of different sections of the society and how it has helped in economic growth of the nation. Primary survey done as a part of this project work was focused on consumer buying patterns and factors affecting usage of mobile phones. A special focus was given on Behavioural Economics and the ways it related to mobile market in India.  You can download preliminary presentation here :Mobile Market In India – Presentation

A detailed report can be downloaded from here:Mobile Market in India — Final Report

India’s Foreign Trade

This particular briefing talks about India’s exports and imports and different components. Various online references and websites were used for the data were used, which have been cited as and when needed. This is only a briefing and not a full paper and thus it does not include references section. This also cannot be cited as a source as it is working briefing and not a full paper. You can download it here: India Foriegn Trade

How does foreign trade contributes to India’s Economic Growth

This briefing talks about benefits of trade to economic emergence. This is only a briefing and not a full paper and thus it does not include references section. This also cannot be cited as a source as it is working briefing and not a full paper. You can download it here:How does Foreign Trade contribute to Indian Economic Growth

Presentation on Financial Crisis and UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report, 2011

These slides talk about financial crisis , Lawson doctrine and various other issues. It also briefly summarizes Trade and Development Report, 2011.  Different online reports were referred apart from UNCTAD’s reports to develop this presentation . You can download it here: Financial Crisis and T&D report

Government Debt and Debt Crisis

The slides in this section talks about problem of Government Debt and various issues related to it. Talks about measurement of deficit and problems with it, you can download it here: Debt Crisis

Kellogg’s Ride in India

A study was conducted to understand the cereal market in India, and Kellogg’s case was specifically taken to understand the launch of new product and possible reasons for its failure. Also to analyze Marketing Mix and the theory behind the cultural and other differences in the Markets. It also aimed at understanding the buying behaviour of a typical cereal consumer . You can download the presentation here:Marketing_Sem1_Group11_Kellogs

A detailed report is available here: Marketing_Sem1_Group11_Kellogs_final


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