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Sodexo Coupons – Invalid. A Business Model explained | Kiran Dhanwada

As of January 1st, 2012, all retail store chains in Bangalore (and across India) have stopped accepting Sodexo coupons in lieu of items purchased. Every firm hands out these Sodexo vouchers to its Employees (included in compensation package). Employees are now worried that these Sodexo coupons would be useless as they are not being accepted. My view is that this might just be a temporary phenomenon since there are a lot of stakeholders who will lose out if these vouchers prove invalid. The post explains the how and why of it.

If it were a school debate, the subject of the topic would be ‘Sodexo coupons – A boon or a curse. Discuss’.

via Sodexo Coupons – Invalid. A Business Model explained | Kiran Dhanwada.